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TPUH622 is an HDMI18Gbps high bandwidth HDBaseT extender set which is capable of extending 4K@60Hz HDR video up to 230ft/70mor 1080P video up to 328ft/100mover a single CAT6 cable. It supports bi-directional IR, RS232 control and PoH function. The 4 Ethernet ports can be connected to the network and also build a LAN.

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  1. Product Features


        ● Supports 4K@60Hz 4:4:4.

        ● HDMI 18Gbps high bandwidth.

        ● Supports HDCP 2.2.

        ● Transmission distance up to 230ft/70m for 4K, or 328ft/100m for1080P.

        ● Supports CEC, IR and RS232 control.

        ● Supports bi-directional PoH.

        ● 4 Ethernet ports work in a LAN.

        ● Ultra-thin design.


TPUH622 5.jpg