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The SUH131T is a professional 4K HDBaseT Distribution Splitter with three HDBaseT outputs and a local HDMI output. This splitter is supplied with HDBaseT receivers and accessories. Only one PSU is required as all the receivers are powered over the CATx cable (PoC). The SUH131T can deliver 4K video up to 40m, or 1080P up to 70m and provides power to each receiver via their own CATx cable.

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  1. Product Features

l  Handles all resolutions to 4Kx2K@60Hz 4:2:0 (1080P, 3D) in and out.

l  Transmits 4Kx2K video for up to 8m via the local HDMI port.

l  Transmits 4Kx2K video HDBaseT to 40m and 1080P to 70m, using single CATx cable.

l  The HDBaseT Receivers are PoC powered by the HDBaseT splitter.

l  Supports HDMI 10.2Gbps, HDCP1.4/2.2, with auto detection.

l  Support bi-directional IR control.

l  LED indicators show current video signal status.

l  EDID management.

l  Micro-USB port for firmware upgrade.

l  Easy installation.

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