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FOUH302 is a professional 4K HDMI/Audio Fiber Optical Extender including a transmitter (FOUH302T) and a receiver (FOUH302R).Both of them have a HDMI port, an AUDIO port and a fiber port. With its fiber ports, the fiber optical extender transmit HDMI/DVI and analog audio to long-distance via optical fiber(single-mode fiber or multimode fiber).

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  1. Product Features

l  Support HDMI 10.2Gbps, support 4Kx2K& 1080p 3D signal.

l  HDCP compliant.

l  High data rate: 10.2Gbps.

l  Transmit HDMI/DVI and audio up to 1KM via single-mode fiber, and up to 300M via multimode fiber.

l  The transmitter supports powerful EDID configuration, 10 types in total (8 for HDMI and 2 for DVI).

l  The transmitter supports audio signal management (embedded HDMI audio or external stereo audio).

l  Embedded HDMI audio support Dobby (TrueHD) / DTS (HD-Master) formats, the external stereo audio support PCM format.

l  Supports fiber optical module.

l  Support firmware upgrade via Micro USB port.

l  Supports hot-plug.