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The IPH400 is an IP Streaming Encoder/Decoder which use H.264 standard to extend HDMI video, IR and RS232 control signals over IP network.

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  1. Product Features

l  Supports H.264 encoding and decoding.

l  1080p video over IP network with IR and RS232 control signals at distances up to 120m over CATx cable.

l  Support video extension, video distribution and video matrix.

l  Support output video scaling to 720p or 1080p.

l  Supports PoE , Encoder/Decoder can be powered by PoE Switch

l  Support Video Live Preview on the GUI.

l  Support Video Broadcasting over network.

l  Supports video recording.

l  The encoder features HDMI loop out.

l  Supports audio breakout.

l  Supports RTSP, RTP, HTTPFLV, UDP, TCP Protocol.

l  Supports Unicast and Multicast.