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LMP 2609 is a high-performance multi-screen splicing processor featuring modular design and seamless switch. It can process real time multi-channel HDMI, VGA, DVI and HDBaseT video transition effects such as window superposition, cross-screen, roaming, scaling, multi-view and PIP; the output resolution can be customized up to 1080P. The Clock synchronization technology is applied to avoid the problem of transmitting signal asynchronously to ensure the great performance with many windows and output cards.

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  1. Product Features


l   Modular design, 13 slots for input cards and 5 for output cards.

l   Comprehensive signal card available: HDMI/DVI/VGA/SDI/HDBT.

l   Seamless cross point switching.

l   Up to build 4 video walls and multi-view.

l   RS232 and LAN control.

l   Redundant power supply and over temperature alarm.


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