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PA3V is a 40 Watt power amplifier (Class-D) with output alternatively at 70V or 100V. It has 2 stereo inputs (1x3.5mm jack for line in, 2xRCA for L&R), 1 digital input & 1 balanced MIC. It is integrated with powerful functions, including ducking function, EQ control, MIC mixer etc., and MIC input supports 3 levels with condenser MIC, dynamic MIC & line audio input.

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  1. Product Features


        ● 3 switchable audio inputs: 1 digital and 2 analog.

        ● One 3-mode MIC input with mixer function, condenser MIC supported.

        ● Mono audio output at 40W, compatible with 100V and 70V.

        ● Ducking function.

        ● Bass, treble and volume adjustable by buttons, IR remote & RS232.

        ● Locking power adaptor.

        ● ID identification for RS232 looping control.

        ● Controllable via button, RS232, and IR (IR-kit for option)


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